About Malicoffee

Maliheh Firoozian

Our Founder, Maliheh Firoozian, recognizes that coffee is the universal expression of hospitality, having first tasted home-roasted beans in her mother-in-law’s home nearly 30 years ago. The aroma of freshly roasted, green coffee beans was seared into her memory and she has been a card-carrying coffee connoisseur ever since. With such an overwhelming choice due to intense competition, ethical considerations very often become an inconvenient afterthought for suppliers and consumers alike. Mali set out to show that we need not compromise on ethics and quality in order to meet the growing demands of today’s consumer. Whilst the popularity of coffee continues to rise and large companies takeover our shelves, Caffe Amoruccio proudly flies the flag of small, ethical businesses that benefit the planet and individuals from farmers to consumers. More than just a product, our coffee is a way of seeing the world. If coffee is the expression of hospitality, then it is only right that everyone involved in the process of producing it should be respected and treated fairly. After several years of working in various roles, Mali decided that she wanted to lead a life that accords with her values and founded Caffe Amoruccio in 2014. The story of our coffee shows us that signs of how life unfolds are often found in the most unlikely places. Little did Mali know that the discovery of something as simple as home roasted beans nearly 30 years ago would have such a profound impact on her life and her outlook on the world today.


Caffè Amoruccio is a family-run business and we believe that this has been the lynchpin of our success. Martin, Mali’s son, has worked tirelessly to help his mother realise her dream of providing environmentally-friendly and socially responsible coffee. His counsel, sacrifice, and emotional support has allowed Caffè Amouriccio to survive through difficult early years and eventually go on to thrive as London’s only family-run organic coffee business. His dedication to his mother’s success is the more remarkable considering that Martin completed two University degrees whilst helping the business. We like to think that our customers can feel the strength of a beautiful collaboration between mother and son not just in our products but also in the genial way in which we treat our customers. We also consider the farmers, our customers, and the wider society as one big family. We care for the wellbeing of others, and this is why our coffee is fairtrade, organic, and sustainable. Our family values are also reflected in our dedication to operate as locally as possible, allowing us to provide a personal touch that is in such short supply in today’s market.

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