Caffè Amoruccio / Classico blend

£ 8.70£ 87.00

Caffè Amoruccio / Classico blend

£ 8.70£ 87.00

Coffee that meets and exceeds most expectations.

This blend takes classic coffee to a whole new level. These coffee beans are roasted masterfully, releasing a strong, defined flavor and appealing aroma that remains even if coffee is combined with cream. The package in which the blend is kept is made fully of eco-friendly materials. Also, the beans used for this blend are triple-certified, fair-trade, and organic, so you are getting a high-quality, socially responsible product 

Our comments: If someone asked you to describe the perfect coffee cup for a Sunday morning, this medium-roast, full-flavoured blend would match perfectly that description.

  • 10x500g
  • 500g
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10x500g, 500g

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